Backpage Text Message Cheating - A Dangerous Sport Indeed

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An extreme sport even, one which should be classified right up there alongside white water rafting and climbing Mount Everest.  Don’t even think about it if you’re a beginner.  The consequences can be dire.  And once you’re caught, it’s pretty much over.  There’s written proof.  Please note that the elementary school saying of “sticks & stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me” was made up BEFORE the advent of cell phones & text messages.

Backpage Texting

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone cheating by any means.  Any type of cheating, text message or otherwise.  And I mean that.  I’ve never cheated on any of my menssssss, and I don’t plan to start.  Why be with someone from backpage if you’re interested in someone else, you know?  What’s the point?  Plus I’m a TERRIBLE liar.  The worst.  I’d probably be calling people by the wrong names to their faces or something.  “Want to come over for dinner Farhad?  Oooops I mean Alex?”   Also, my dad cheated on my mom with a neighbor from backpage when I was two, and I’ve never seen him since. So needless to say, it’s a sore subject.  But just for the sake of conversation, let’s continue.

Even if you’re just innocently text messaging someone you’re backpage dating, there is SO much potential for things to go wrong.  First and foremost, the tone of the text is always unclear.  A guy I just started seeing sent me a text message at 1 am last weekend.  “Where are you tonight?”  An impossible text to understand.  Was he just trying to go to the bar where I was at & have a drink?  Or was I being booty called, or booty texted I should say?   Who knows?  Secondly, texts are impersonal and business-ish and take the romance out of dating entirely.  Whatever you need to tell the man ALWAYS sounds better in a 977 voice sultry voice instead.

Dating Texting

But text message cheating is a whole other story.  There’s a marriage at my job that’s being torn apart by an errant text message as we speak.  A female employee forgot to delete one message, and that’s all it took.  The text message read something to the effect of “I loved being in your arms last night.”   WOW.  Can you even imagine?  Terrible.  I understand what must have happened though.  She has kids, she has a job, and to remember to diligently erase every single message seems like an impossible task if you ask me.    I can barely remember to take the pill every night.     
Another friend of mine just got caught in a text messaging fiasco as well.  Her boyfriend found a text message she had written to her ex which said “I just got out of the shower.  Wanna come over?”  OUCH.   DOUBLE OUCH.  I cringe just looking at the words.  How can you possibly get out of that one?

Cheat Messages

She excused the text by telling him that the ex lives in another country (which is true), and that it was just innocent flirting (the jury’s still out on that one.)  She told her boyfriend from backpage that the ex wants her back now and she enjoys egging him on a little.  But since he’s so far away, nothing could ever actually happen.    The bf bought the story and now she wants to “put the whole situation behind them.” The morale of the story remains however.  Learn from this my friends, and don’t become a victim of today’s technology.

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